09.27.12 Louise Loves: Marilyn for MAC and more!

09.27.12 Louise Loves: Marilyn for MAC and more!
Tuesday night was the preview party at the MAC store on the Plaza for the Marilyn Monroe collection. My friend Lauren and I stood in line with tons of other people, got carded and approved for our glass of champagne. When we got inside, it was packed with makeup-hungry girls and the errant frightened boyfriend against the wall. I was happy to see all my favorite girls working, though at least two of them had changed their hair since I last saw them! One darling girl I don’t think I’d seen working there before asked if I knew I looked like Dita Von Teese. Bless her.
Anyway, I wasn’t sure what the collection would be like, because I had avoided reading spoilers. I mean, really, 50’s style makeup doesn’t take a lot of product. I was pleased by the lipstick colors though, the muted reds and pinks are accurate. I was particularly fond of “Love Goddess” and “Charmed I’m Sure”.

All the pretty people shop at MAC!

I think overall the collection has some good products. It would be super easy to put together a kit of products from this selection and do a killer 50’s bombshell look. Just in time for a fabulous Halloween costume, perhaps? Or a Fall pinup shoot?

Lauren and I had so much fun. And it seemed like everyone else was having a good time too! It was so crowded that it really was all business, no playing around, but the artists were still finding room to put color on people! It was really a madhouse!

This is where I magically made one of the lip liners fly under the cabinet. It defied physics, everyone was amazed, including me!

That was a fun event; glad I got to go! We had dinner and drinks at The Reiger afterward, too, which is always delicious.
Here’s what else I love about this week:
  • My ever lovely and handsome husband
  • Polka dot anything (I am wearing this today).
  • I want to soak in this bathtub with a good book.
  • Thoroughly modern quilts.
  • This Jill Stuart dress at Standard Style
  • I’ve sworn off Steve Madden shoes and all the sub-brands, but these are awfully cute…in black, of course.
  • Remember when I won a Schott leather jacket last year? Esquire says men should wear them too! I approve.
That’s it for this week’s love list! One more note — I want to apologize for my sporadic posting. Lots of people have told me they love that I stick to a schedule, but I am afraid the rest of my hobbies and responsibilities have been getting in the way of that. I don’t see a change coming any time soon, so I hope you’ll enjoy when and what I do post. I’ve got some juicy things in the works, so add me to your blog reader and I’ll see you soon! xoxo


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