10.05.12 Louise Loves: Lana Del Ray, home decor, Andy Warhol and more!

10.05.12 Louise Loves: Lana Del Ray, home decor, Andy Warhol and more!

Via Cats, I am a Kitty.

Hi all! Things are busy as I am working on personal and work projects. I go out of town next week, and feel so behind on a few things. I am going to try to fit a bunch in this weekend — along with some fun, too. For now, here are some things I love to end your week! If you are out for First Friday tonight, please come see me at Birdies, I’ll be remembering what it is to work retail! xo
  • Five great design tips for the home.
  • Gala posted this, but the post is so good I wanted to share it too for the bloggers I know. If you’re worried about trying to do it all on the blogger scene, read it.
  • It’s cold here today which has me thinking about coats. I am really in love with this one. Unfortunately I can’t justify another trench.
  • There’s a guy who works at the Whole Foods by my office and he’s probably 65 but he’s totally a greaser, and still dyes his hair black, has a pompadour, and some cool tortoise Wayfarers. He’s a bad ass.
  • HuffPo posted some sweet Bond girl pics and clips to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the firm film.
  • Another from HuffPo — more evidence that sitting is bad.

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
– Andy Warhol

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  1. 1) I loved this article about online cliques! What a refreshing approach.
    2) I have such a sick love of LdR. And the photo with the cat? SOMUCHSQUISHYLOVE.

  2. Right? I thought it was really interesting too. I feel like I don’t fit in with any of the other bloggers in my city, but I am trying to be more open to giving their events a chance.

    Regarding LdR — I don’t know if you happened to see Refinery29’s commentary on her new video for Ride, but I think they take her much too seriously and literally. I don’t think she’s saying any of the things depicted in the video are good or desirable. I think she’s depicting an archetype. It’s almost like her work is like a concept album.

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