5 unexpected summer accessories

5 unexpected summer accessories

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Bandelettes are the best! If you’re tired of wearing “bike shorts” under your dresses and skirts, and don’t need real shape wear, these are an easy way to prevent chafing in the summer and still feel cute! Not to mention they are inexpensive, so you can get all the colors. They are comfortable all day, even when the temperature rises! Get them here.


Sometimes it’s just too hot to wear your hair down, and that’s usually the same day that your hair is ready to be washed and you have no time for that! Enter, the large, square scarf. You can tease your tresses into a bouffant and wrap the scarf around the back and tie in the front, or you can wear it as a turban. Either way, you don’t look like you’re hiding dirty hair, you look chic AF. Personally I think silk or cotton work best. Polyester scarves are too slippery, even with bobby pins to help.

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A hand fan! A must in the summer when dining al fresco, watching an Independence Day parade, enjoying Shakespeare in the Park, or attending a baseball gameā€”all the while maintaining the fancy. Not to mention staying a bit more comfortable in the heat! I recommend staying cheap and cheerful, because you’ll inevitably leave one somewhere accidentally, or feel compelled to give it to a little girl who becomes mesmerized by your fanciness.

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 9.30.43 PMA big, fun cocktail ring. This doesn’t serve an actual purpose, obviously, it’s just fun. And sometimes it’s ok to just be fun. Find this one here. If you’re not into costume jewelry though, you can always learn to make your own.

Alex bottle comboA great, reusable water bottle! Maybe this isn’t technically an accessory, but it’s something I want to always have with me. Scouring antique stores for treasures makes me really thirsty. In any case, hydration is important, and even more so in the summer. Buying bottled water is bad for the environment, not to mention expensive. I love this design because it comes apart for washing by hand or in the dish washer. It can also nest inside itself so it can store in a regular kitchen cabinet! It has lots of other cool features as well, and you can even create your own, custom color combination.


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