Birdies Lash Smash!

Birdies Lash Smash!
Next Thursday the 13th, Birdies is hosting a Lash Smash evening with temporary lashes by Dollface Aesthetics! I’ve had the lashes by Amanda once before and they really do change your look, it’s like having false lashes on but more comfortable. BTW, Dollface is moving across the street from Birdies very, very soon, so this could get dangerous…and I am ok with that!

I got a flier for the event with a special message added by Peregrine, because my birthday is the 15th, and I thought it would be fun and luxurious to get the lashes since I plan to party it up over the weekend.
When you arrive at Birdies get your name on the list. When it’s your turn, all you have to do is lay down and close your eyes and let Amanda work her magic! On this night she’ll be applying tips to the outer edges, which gives a fluttery, girly effect. You may find you don’t even need mascara while you have them on! Amanda can do full sets in her studio, which take a little more time. Lashes can stay on for up to 3 weeks.
I should also mention that Birdies has tons of beautiful Fall lingerie coming in everyday, so plan to do a little trying on and shopping too. I’ll be picking out some birthday goodies for myself, most definitely.
Hope to see you next Thursday! xoxo

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