Glove Love, or, Valentine’s Day comes early for Louise

Glove Love, or, Valentine’s Day comes early for Louise
Last night was First Friday, and the only place I wanted to go was to Birdies — yes, the lingerie and swim boutique — to see the work of Ellen Greene. From the moment I saw a photo of a pair of Ellen’s gloves, I was obsessed. I won’t try to write like an art critic, because the Star did a nice piece on her this week, but I adore gloves, old timey flash-style art, and circus-y freak show stuff. So yeah, her art is pretty damn cool, and I love that she makes wearable and strictly art pieces. The wearable pieces are a combination of hand painting and printing techniques, and the unwearables are completely hand painted and displayed in frames custom made by her husband.
Speaking of husbands, after much trying on and much debate, mine bought and gifted the pair below to me as an early Valentine’s Day present. They were our favorite of the long, wearable ones, but we’re also going to look for vintage glove forms to display them, because they are really too good to put away in a drawer.

Greene’s gloves are vintage leather and fabric gloves, in a variety of colors and themes.
It was way too much fun trying them all on!

As you can see, I did quite a bit of trying. I was rather fond of these two characters.

You can see here, in the Birdies window, and through the window, some of the art pieces.
They are so intricate, and each one has its own personality so to speak.
As the viewer, you kind of make assumptions about the girl who would wear them.

Ok, I am a goofball, but isn’t she adorable? Her vintage slip was covered in patches she’s painted like her gloves. It was gorgeous.

I’m so excited to have seen her work, and my husband is a sweetie for getting me a pair. Birdies is going to have some of them for awhile, though several things sold last night, so definitely get over there this weekend if possible!

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  1. They come in leather!! Great find!!

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