LiL shoe edit: aspirational shoes!

LiL shoe edit: aspirational shoes!

Happy Friday! Lest you think that the only thing I care about are comfortable shoes for the office, I bring you a completely decadent, aspirational shoe post featuring two of my favorite brands I can’t afford, Kate Spade and Charlotte Olympia. Full disclosure, I do own Kate Spade pieces, but not shoes. I actually only own one pair of high end designer shoes, a Miu Miu F/W 2003  tweed and suede heel. From a glorious time when I was fresh out of school and a friend took me to the Halls post-holiday sale. I wore them last week to a party actually, so no regrets. In general though I have to be a bit more practical with my party shoe choices so I can wear them with anything (hello, shoe clips!), but a girl can dream, right? First up, Kate Spade New York.

Kate Spade

dahlia heels

It’s glitter. It has a pom pom. I’m so there. I think blue and black together is amazing, and while it’s definitely a party shoe I think it’s probably more versatile than it appears at first glance. Definitely a great way to accessorize any LBD.


dani too heels

Is glitter your favorite color? Mine is leopard print, but these shoes might be changing that. I have the matching earrings and I love how they go with literally everything. The chunkier heel is great if you’re planning to have more than one glass of champagne, and is very in this year, as well. Honestly it’s a classic shape so it seems silly to say it’s in or not, but in case that sways you, there you go.


gino flats

What wouldn’t this look great with? You could wear dark denim to a holiday party and with these and a sequined top look festive as all get out. I’m imagining them with a mini skirt too. I’m a sucker for a giant bow, what can I say.


Charlotte Olympia

You may know Charlotte Olympia as the designer who created the cat shoe. I consider her an icon, and someone I’d be besties with if only I’d run into her on the street someday. She has a great Instagram and you should follow her.


The King Kitty

There’s a collection of kitty shoes inspired by different bands. I love the Elvis blue suede with the curl that could be his hair or a cat tail. Cool and clever!



Between the Lines

Mixing metals is the best! This shoe officially goes with any dress, as long as it’s not floor length, because it would be criminal to hide it. I love a shoe that has cool ankle straps. It makes legs look great, and at times is so much more fun than a single strap.



These shoes plus 1920’s inspired slacks like these?!? Really though, I love these because that heel is so special and you could style them so many different ways.


Tapered Heels

Need a shoe to wear while perched on your Eames Lounger? Here you go.

I’ve decided I need to do another post because I am obsessed with all things Kate Spade and Charlotte Olympia, so look for that in the near future. I’m taking the weekend off, because I am judging a pinup contest at a car show tomorrow (I’ll be documenting my outfit for the blog!) but I will be back next week to finish up my latest shoe obsessions and all the best tights for winter! Have a great weekend and I’ll be back Monday!

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