LiL shoe edit: DV and Dolce Vita

LiL shoe edit: DV and Dolce Vita
I’m a little heavy on the shoes in black today, but I think it’s because Dolce Vita is really good at black. They also have a reputation for really sexy shoes, but they do make some great basics on occasion, too.

Kincaid Boots

If you could never bring yourself to own Uggs but always envied how warm those girls’ feet must be, these are the fashionable moto-inspired alternative.


Brae Flats

See, they make cute flats! But never fear, the sexy shoes are still here.


Ackley Heels

The perfect wedge to wear with those 70’s flares you found on eBay, or maybe leggings and a tunic.


Velie Heels

Another sort of 70’s heel, but less boho and more Studio 54. I’m so glad the chunky heel is back!


Porsha Heels

Zap! Electric blue suede is the only kind of winter blues I want.


Porsha Glam Heels

Same heel, but ready to party! This one is the ultimate New Year’s shoe!

I’ll be back tomorrow with the last of my favorite brands! If you missed the previous posts check them out:

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