Louise Loves! Fashion week, fashion shows, DIY hair masks, tipping, saving cash for fashion and more!

Louise Loves! Fashion week, fashion shows, DIY hair masks, tipping, saving cash for fashion and more!
Are you buying things for spring already? If so, I am jealous. I’m not, yet. In fact, I am watching the spring Fashion Week news and dreaming of all those yummy Fall ’13 collections. I’ll worry about Spring when it actually starts to get warm…in April. Then I’ll dig everything out of the off-season closet and see what I need.
I actually just opened another high-yield savings account this week specifically to save for “fashion”. I wish I was one of those people who could just let all my monies sit in one account, but I have to have the visual of things being separated out, so I know where we are on all our goals. I take full advantage of the fact online banks let you do that without a bunch of fees.
I’ve thought about it for awhile, but with this new account I am actually committing to the idea of saving to buy fewer, but higher quality things. That doesn’t mean you’ll never see me digging through the Target clearance rack again, but it does mean that you’re going to see a lot of remixing of things you’ve already seen for Frock Friday. Speaking of, that really is coming back (soon), I promise.
The West Eighteenth Street Fashion Show made their call for designers and announced their theme yesterday. If you’re a designer, regardless of where you live, you should consider applying. Word is we’ve got a hotel sponsor who will have some rooms available in the event we choose some out of town designers for the show. If you can get yourself to Kansas City, you should definitely apply.


From McQ by Alexander McQueen Spring campaign. See the rest of the campaign here.

Links for you to enjoy this weekend:

  • Fab has naughty and nice Valentine’s shops with everything anyone’s heart could desire.
  • LEOPARD NAIL ART DIY! Yes, that did necessitate internet-yelling.
  • I forgot that Alec Baldwin has a radio show. I mean, I could listen to him talk all day. He most recently interviewed Lena Dunham, and it might have made me dislike her less.
  • I loooooooove this shoot. The superb styling is vintage-inspired but so modern, and this model is neo-Katherine Hepburn.
  • Who else rents? Apartment Therapy is inspiring us to take pride in our homes (even if we rent) and fix them up. My dad had nice things to say about our apartment over the holidays, but there’s always room for improvement. I just took some more art to be framed, and I am excited to add those pieces to our walls!
  • For the sartorially inclined gentlemen (or the women buying their clothes): Lifehacker has tips on buying a suit.
  • Trying to fit more seats in the front row at Fashion Week.
  • I am doing this DIY natural hair mask this weekend. Winter hair can get very dry, so this couldn’t come at a better time!
  • I don’t always agree with the Jezebel brand of snark, but I do agree with their opinion on tipping your server.

Other love-y things:

the kitties • brownies • a good pair of jeans • green tea • cutting off a few inches of hair • Smash is finally back (major guilty pleasure) • cranking music in the car on my commute • finishing projects • coffee with people I admire • resolving to think differently about old problems • deleting things I don’t need anymore



Apparently Cherry Dollface is wearing a Whirling Turban wedding dress, as did I almost two years ago — before they had an international name like Mosh modeling for them. I expect now they will be getting tons of U.S. wedding orders! I wore leopard print, not white though, naturally. I had my husband do the measuring you see Cherry having done in the video, I wore What Katie Did lingerie, and in the end my dress fit like a dream.

Whirling Turban is amazing, there’s no doubt. Not to pat myself on the back, but I feel a bit ahead of the trend!

Have a great weekend!

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