Louise Loves! Fashion week stuff, vintage shopping, and more!

Louise Loves! Fashion week stuff, vintage shopping, and more!
I’ve been snowed in for 2 days, as has a lot of Kansas City. I’m already tired of it. Doing all my work via email kind of blows. Anyway. New York fashion week already seems like it was ages ago, but it’s been fun to see the London stuff online this week. I’ve got a link below to Bazaar’s slide show of London street style. On Facebook I was drooling over the Burberry Prorsum show earlier this week. I posted a link to it if you’re interested. It’s beautiful and lady-like but some of it is quite office un-appropriate in the best way!
This weekend is devoted to creative pursuits, which is good because I am behind on some things, and want to start some others. So perhaps it’s best that getting out and about would be difficult. Right now there’s 10 inches of snow behind my car that needs to be plowed. This morning I just spun my wheels. I have some design work, and some crafting and sewing to do, and Sunday I have a video project. It’s going to keep me plenty busy, but if I can accomplish it all it would be awesome.
Here’s a short but sweet list of things that had my attention this week. Have a great weekend!


This is my favorite look from Fall 2013 NY fashion week. It’s Lela Rose and you can see the rest of the runway here. I will never tire of socks and heels. NEVER!!!

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