Louise Loves: Raw Sugar body wash

Louise Loves: Raw Sugar body wash

Guys, this week I want to tell you about my latest find at Target. It’s Raw Sugar, a new Target exclusive brand that has a charitable component in addition to being natural. They have everything from hand soap to body scrub to the body wash—which is my new obsession.

Specifically I love the Lemon Sugar scent of the body wash. It reminds me of cult favorite Fresh brand’s sugar lemon bath soak and body wash. I used to work in a boutique in the early 2000’s that sold this brand and I would smell this stuff everyday. Raw Sugar products are a fraction of the price—I paid $6.99 at my Target for a huge 25oz bottle, but look for sales on their Cartwheel app. If you know me, you know I love Target, and the expansion of their beauty department in the past several years continues to impress.

For every product Raw Sugar sells they donate a bar of their soap to a family in need, which is awesome. Not only are their products natural, the bottles are made of 25% post-consumer plastic, the caps are made of bamboo which is a renewable material, and cuts down on the amount of plastic they need. Plus it makes the products easy to spot on the shelf. In addition to the lemon sugar scent, they also have vanilla bean + sugar, and raw coconut + mango if you’re feeling more tropical.

The formulas are all made with a cold-pressed, plant-based formula that’s spiked with essential oils and packed with vitamins and antioxidants. My skin wasn’t bad to begin with but this stuff is definitely getting me clean without drying me out. It’s not so perfumed that I can smell it after my shower, but the smell reminds me of a French 75 cocktail and makes the time in the shower more luxurious for sure.

Have you noticed Raw Sugar at Target, too? Leave me a comment!

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