Louise Loves! Stockings, smart ladies and more!

Louise Loves! Stockings, smart ladies and more!
It’s been a long week, friends! You probably already know I launched my Etsy store this week. And in addition to what I did have to post up there I have like 20 ideas for other things I must make time to create. It feels good to be excited about a new project, I tell ya.
Speaking of new projects, another one that’s been in the making suddenly started to come together over a few emails this week. I’d been worried about it, so having some decisions made and a direction makes me feel good. Last night I had a little social media fun time which was short but productive. Productivity is the theme for this weekend too. Thankfully the home is in pretty good shape, which means I can concentrate on other stuff, YAY!

Eniko Mihalik, Flair Magazine. Source.

 Here are some of the things I enjoyed this week:
Hope everyone has something fun planned for the weekend, have a good one!

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