Montgomery Ward Catalog | Fall/Winter 1942–43, Women’s Fashion

Montgomery Ward Catalog | Fall/Winter 1942–43, Women’s Fashion

As promised, I am going to start posting selections from the vintage Montgomery Ward catalogs I bought last year. I have more Fall/Winter catalogs so they aren’t really appropriate for the time of year, but there will be more to come!

We’re starting with Fall/Winter 1942-43. I probably won’t always have so much to say, but I am still figuring out how I want to present these and archive them, so if you actually care to comment and tell me what you’d like to see more of, or shown differently, I will do my best to accommodate. The catalogs are big (9.25″ x 13.25″), which make it challenging because they are bigger than my scanner’s bed. I toyed with the idea of getting a bigger scanner, but they’re like $2,300 so that’s not happening.

2015-03-31 16.07.14


So for now, I am taking photos. Maybe I will scan details if that interests anyone. So we’re beginning at the beginning, with “Fabrics and Fashions planned to go together”. Women could either buy the coordinating fabrics and make clothes themselves, or they could order the fashions on the pages I am about to show you. So, you could mix and match and get lots of outfits from relatively few pieces.

2015-03-31 15.17.43

2015-03-31 15.18.22

2015-03-31 15.18.44


The green dress on the right hand page is named “The Success Dress” and came with the sterling silver arrow pin that you can just barely see. Also, let’s give special mention of THAT COAT on the left with the “fluffy dyed wolf” collar.

2015-03-31 15.19.03

This one is my favorite because I am OBSESSED with the dress on the far left. You could get it in corduroy, or cotton velvet. Here’s a detail of the page, below.

2015-03-31 15.19.24


So what do you think? I can improve the quality of the photos I take, but do you want me to do detail scans too? Leave me a comment! Obviously there’s lots of interesting fashion but there’s also furniture and lots of other stuff in the catalogs so if this isn’t exactly what interests you, never fear, there’s lots more to come!

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