Natural Beauty: This pinup loves the planet!

Natural Beauty: This pinup loves the planet!
Earth Day was Sunday, and to celebrate I want to share my most favorite body and beauty products that are natural and/or give back to the planet. Some of you already know this, I used to sell cosmetics at a little boutique in Lawrence. I worked for the most amazing makeup artist and learned so much from her and all the other aestheticians, hairstylists and other makeup artists that I had the privilege of working with. In this job, I routinely applied makeup to older women and prom-goers alike. It was quite an experience, and as a result, I’ve tried a LOT of products. I mean, I used to have a cosmetics closet instead of a linen closet, m’kay?
While I would never claim to know everything, I know a hell of a lot, thanks to the education I received from my beauty professional friends. Additionally, I have sensitive skin that used to be prone to break outs so I’ve educated myself on  what ingredients are more likely to cause problems. Of course, your milage may vary, but know that these are products I’ve actually used, and they work for me.
I don’t exclusively use natural products but I use a bunch on the regular, so here’s my Earth Day (week) round up of the things I love the best. Enjoy!

Weleda Everon Lip Balm. You can find this at your Whole Foods and most good organic markets. Shea butter is what makes this stuff so amazing. It heals cracks overnight, and makes a great lipstick base too!

Abba Color Protection shampoo and conditioner. This is sulfate free and 100% vegan. For someone who colors like me, it’s amazing! If you don’t color, their Moisture formula is also amazing, and the conditioner is delightfully minty.

Kiss My Face — Pomegranate Grapefruit Moisture Shave is paraben free and full of lots of naturally moisturizing ingredients. Plus it smells heavenly. This plus a sharp razor equals smooth gams all summer!

Giovanni Eco Chic — Shine of the Times high gloss hair mist. The instructions say to spray this in the air and walk under it, but —meh — I don’t. I spray once in my hand, rub hands together and smooth over hair carefully. Works on straight and curly styles without making hair greasy.

JASON Brightening Apricot Face Scrubble. This you want to keep out of your eyes, but it’s great for keeping that peaches and cream pinup complexion flake free in the winter, and  removes sweat and sunscreen in the summer (though really, you’re wearing sunscreen year-round, right?).

Tarte — Lights, Camera, Lashes! mascara. This stuff thickens like a mofo, doesn’t flake, and is made from lots of natural ingredients, without some of the ickies that show up in conventional mascaras. It’s not one I use all the time because of the price ($19) but it’s an awesome option if mascara typically irritates you. Plus the packaging is recyclable and printed with soy ink. The Physicians Formula Organic Wear mascara is a great inexpensive natural alternative. Be warned though, if you cry while wearing this, it burns like the dickens (true story).

Everyday Minerals — Semi-matte Base. This is my go-to mineral powder, I have been wearing it for years. It’s less sparkly than other mineral foundations and less expensive. I love the super short ingredients list, and the closable sifter makes it great for traveling to pinup shoots and beyond! Their color selection can’t be beat, and they even offer inexpensive sample kits that you can customize with the colors you think will work for you.

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