Say hello to Lulu’s

Say hello to Lulu’s
Lulu’s is a stylish re-sale clothing boutique located in downtown Mission, Kansas. I like Lulu’s because it’s a well-edited, unique and fun. Lulu’s opened first in Parkville, MO, but moved to downtown Mission, KS 4 years ago and will celebrate its tenth anniversary in November.

Lulu’s buys and re-sells name-brand, on-trend clothing, and some vintage in good condition. Right now they are buying for Fall. If you just went through your Fall wardrobe and are interested in selling clothing, shoes or accessories at Lulu’s, bringing your clean clothing folded neatly to make it easy to look through. I saw several women bring in their clothes to sell in suitcases which is genius (hello, wheels)! If the Lulu’s ladies find something they want for the store, they will make you an offer, and you can choose cash or credit. If you don’t find something that day (unlikely!) they will keep your credit on file.

Not surprisingly, the women of Lulu’s have great style themselves. Owner Astoria describes her personal style as girly, feminine, eclectic — not necessarily trendy — but lately she’s trying to add a little edginess to her look. She describes her sister Shandi, who also works in the store, as more fashion-forward. Astoria says if they both dress mannequins for the store, Shandi’s outfit will sell off the mannequin first. Thus Shandi is responsible for most of the styling and merchandising at the boutique. The store has a fresh, girly, feminine vibe, but don’t let this deter you if you love classic style. Lulu’s has something for everyone.


In addition to the re-sale clothing, Lulu’s carries new items — including accessories from FluffBlue Q and Anne Taintor; as well as jewelry from local designers (including Astoria and Shandi’s mom!), hair accessories, and more.

I took that tortoiseshell heart ring with the rhinestones home with me — it was just too cute.

Lulu’s has some of the best jewelry and gifts in the city, in my opinion. If you need an eclectic present for a gal with great style, keep Lulu’s in mind. I have a weakness for vintage jewelry, and I actually found the vintage bracelet that I wore to my wedding reception here, and over the years I’ve scored several vintage rhinestone necklaces and brooches. I’m also obsessed with the Blue Q stationary sets they carry, one of which which comes in a tin covered with Chinoiserie designs — they are just so kitschy and adorable.

Shoes, omg SHOES!

The organization of Lulu’s is better than any of the other re-sale shops in my experience. Skirts are grouped, dresses are grouped, jeans and other pants are grouped. Tops of all kinds hang together by color and size along racks that span the left wall of the store. Plus, the racks aren’t so packed full that you overlook things. I find that when shopping here it’s easy to forget about preconceived notions of certain brands, and pick out amazing pieces that you might never have looked at otherwise.

A few of the cute mannequins — I’m in love with that jacket and it’s little peplum ruffle on the left! On the right, I wanted that bow belt with the cream top, but it didn’t fit me. Someone go see if it’s still there so I can live vicariously through you!

I find myself picking up lots of BCBG, Calvin Klein and Ann Taylor at Lulu’s, even though I don’t think I have ever set foot in an Ann Taylor on my own. It’s easy to find things that fit into my own vintage inspired personal style, but really, there’s something for everyone. For you girls who love wearing labels, there’s everything from Betsey Johnson to Marc Jacobs, to the aforementioned Calvin Klein. There’s also a case devoted to high-end handbags, including Coach and Juicy Couture. Did I mention that it’s not unusual to find things with the tags still on them?

Shopping at Lulu’s boutique is a great way to refresh my closet with quality pieces without breaking the bank, which I think everyone can appreciate. And if you can get a little credit from selling your own things to Lulu’s that are still in great shape, it’s win-win. The stylish and helpful staff make shopping there fun and enjoyable, and I always leave with something fabulous!

The important stuff:

Lulu’s is located at 6017 Johnson Dr. in Mission, KS. Look for the hot pink awnings. They are open Monday – Thursday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Friday and Saturday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., and are closed on Sunday. You can reach them at 913.362.2442.

Have you shopped at Lulu’s before? Leave me a comment!

Full disclosure: Lulu’s did not compensate me in any way for writing this post.

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  2. I have been a long time shopper of Lulu’s. Followed them from Parkville to Mission and the love that Shandi and Astoria put into their boutique is second to none! And you will never find a piece that looks like it has been worn a day in it’s life. All of their merchandise is 100% gorgeous!

  3. Dawn, I totally agree, I love the ladies of Lulu’s, in fact, I think I might head over there this weekend! Thanks for reading!

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