She’s got legs!

She’s got legs!

The most annoying thing about getting dressed during the winter is the moment when wearing jeans again seems like torture.

I pretty much exclusively wear jeans with stretch because there aren’t a lot of pants that fit me. There just aren’t. I didn’t know this until I was an adult and tried to buy “business lady pants” when I started job hunting. There aren’t a lot of business lady pants for someone with a waist smaller than her hips. For awhile, Express Editors fit me, but then I’d either gain or lose weight and need a whole new wardrobe. Then at some point I am convinced they got a different fit model, then I couldn’t get them up my legs. Or else spinning class 3 times a week just gave me thunder thighs, who can say. Anyway, I wear jeans A LOT, especially in the winter. There’s one cut of pants (The Kate) at Ann Taylor that fit me, but they have a terrible track record of getting orders right, so I’ve only gotten a few pairs.

So at some point in either January or February, I get really tired of wearing the same 6 pairs of jeans. But it’s FREAKING WINTER. Obviously bare legs aren’t an option, because I am not one of those girls who is impervious to the cold.

That’s when a good selection of tights come into play. I own a lot of vintage dresses and they lend themselves to being worn with slips, which provides another layer of fabric to trap heat, which helps. Adding a pair of boots is nice too, because leather blocks the wind. Tights or leggings with a dress are my go-to’s when I can’t even look at my jeans anymore.

Yes, it’s almost Spring, but it’s a great time to stock up on my favorite tights because there are lots of things on sale! Check these out:


Hue opaque tights. Reliable, hard wearing, great colors and cheap!!! If Hue’s site doesn’t have what you want, Amazon probably does.

mat-opaque-80 (1)


Wolford Opaque 80. Seriously, I held off getting these forever, but what a mistake! They are the blackest black, and actually warm. If you don’t believe me, they do make Merino tights too. I am allergic to wool, but I would assume these are probably incredible and soft for a normal person.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 9.04.41 PM

Fleece leggings!!! I won’t be wearing them like this in January, but you get the idea. Remember though, leggings are NOT pants. I don’t care if you have thigh gap for days. Weight and body type don’t dictate who can wear leggings, the fact that outside of the gym it’s WAY too much of your person to expose is what makes it wrong. But they are comfy, and super cute with a tunic or dress. Covering your rear is key, and makes it ok to basically wear pajamas in public.

This is how I survive winter when it feels like I can only wear a quarter of my closet. Do you have a favorite brand of tights or leggings? I’d love to know!

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