Shoesday Tuesday

Shoesday Tuesday

Hey there, it’s Shoesday Tuesday again! This pick might seem a bit odd, but this time of year when the weather has the potential to get bad, there’s something to be said for being able to walk from point A to point B.



I love that it has a stacked heel for stability and 3″ of height. PlusĀ it has this great textured sole so walking on snow or ice doesn’t mean you need to take baby steps or have a hold of someone’s arm. Those red laces make it look similar to a work boot though which is fun! If you weren’t into that I think you could tone that down by switching them for black laces.

I think I’d wear these pretty much with anything, skinny jeans or a dress with tights! They remind me of a pair of heeled Doc Martens I had years ago, but these don’t come up as high on the leg, which I like for ankle flexibility. You can find these boots here.



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