Spring 2016 style inspiration

Spring 2016 style inspiration

Do you remember what came down the runway in Spetember 2015? Me neither. So I went back and looked at a bunch of runway shows for Spring/Summer 2016 to get some inspiration. They’re not my favorite seasons, and I needed a little boost to get excited about the impending warm weather. Here’s what I found.


Gucci Spring/Summer 2016

I think the mix of ladylike patterns and sporty/collegiate strips is fabulous. Pastels and jewel-toned reds, blues and greens are such a weird combination but it really works! Also Chinoiserie and tropical prints happen to be favorites of mine!



So again, here, I think we’re starting to see a pattern, ha, ha. DVF is known for her amazing fabrics. Big, bold patterns and color are the thing I love most now that I have gone back and studied the collections.


Kate Spade

Obviously not everything we saw on the runways last fall made it to production, but it’s still an inspiration. The pajama-inspired outfits are clearly still a thing though. I am obsessed with the wicker bumble bee handbag, which is in stores now. It’s definitely cuter in person, too. Bold accessories, whether they are structured or whimsical, are another trend that I am excited to embrace.



Bold silhouettes, check. This one is always hard for me. I have yet to find a way to make boxy shapes work for me and not just feel big. These shapes will look amazing on some people though. As usual I am primarily obsessed with the prints. I mean, pineapple!?!



I don’t always get MiuMiu, but I always love it. The color palette for Spring makes my eyes happy. There’s a 50’s and 70’s influence here, and it’s married beautifully. To me…and I mean this in the best way possible…she looks like she could have thrifted all of this, or inherited it from her mom, when her mom worked in an office before she was born.

orla-kiely-spring-2016-025Orla Kiely

I’m not really a warm weather person, but Orla Kiely’s S/S collection almost has me convinced that I could do Palm Springs in July. I’m obsessed with her prints…again. Let’s call this a theme, ok? It’s less creepy than saying “obsession” again. Orla Kiely’s collection is feminine, but not girly, which I am totally down with.

Paul & Joe

Seriously though. That print? There’s a whole Instagram account dedicated to this combo, it’s so on point. That’s not even their only oversized tropical print this season.

I pretty much don’t plan on wearing anything in a solid color until it’s time to get out the cardigans again. I might not wear pants either, because there are too many great shapes of skirts that are on-trend. This stuff all falls under the category of “dream wardrobe” though. Stay tuned for a style board for those of us who haven’t hit Powerball yet.

Oh, BTW, all these images are from Vogue.com. Go check out more!

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