The Powder Room Tries: Too Faced — Better Than False Lashes

The Powder Room Tries: Too Faced — Better Than False Lashes
I had the opportunity to try out the newest Too Faced mascara, Better Than False Lashes before it’s available in stores (Edit: it will be $35, and will last 4 months!). I am kind of mascara obsessed, so I was really excited about this. Since I do some pinup modeling, and love to get all dolled up when I go out, false lashes are an important part of getting glam. They can also be a pain in the rear. I was interested to see if Better Than False Lashes could live up to the luscious lashes I’m obsessed with.

Hello there, don’t be frightened, it’s just Louise sans eyeliner and mascara. This is our starting point, or baseline, if you will. This is what I’ve got to work with. My lashes are fairly long, but I always want to look like I have a MILLION lashes.

Here’s the box, cute, right? Their packaging is always gorgeous. Better Than False Lashes is actually a 2 part product. It’s worth keeping the box because not only does it look fabulous, but it keeps the products together, along with the instructions, which are inside the flap.

Ta-da! Here, the detailed instructions on using the mascara and nylon fibers. If you can apply regular mascara, you can do this!

Here’s the good stuff. The larger tube is the mascara. The smaller tube is the nylon fibers that help create the thickness and length that one gets from a set of false lashes — no glue required.

The mascara formula is really nice, this isn’t a gimmick where the products suck but the idea is great. It’s thickening, definitely not clumpy, and a rich, dark black. Very easy to apply. Normally I’d have my eyeliner on already, but I wanted to skip it so you guys could really see what this stuff can do!

Next, I applied the nylon fibers to the still wet coat of mascara. I was really concerned as a contact wearer with sensitive eyes that this stuff would be a problem. Honestly, it wasn’t at all. The fibers stuck to the mascara instantly and nothing went in my eyes.

Then, another coat of the mascara, which is when the magic happens. Do you make weird faces when you put on mascara too? I don’t know why it helps but it does!

The results? Look at that separation! Look at that length! My lashes are actually touching my brow bone! Impressive right? Ooooo, ahhhhhhhhh.

I wore this out for cocktails with friends, and there wasn’t a single flake on my cheeks or below my eyes when I looked in the mirror at the end of the night. It also washed off easily. This was a really easy product to use, and unlike some other mascaras that promise dramatic effects, but also cause major raccoon eyes, this one delivered results without the mess.
Yeah, you can argue that Better Than False Lashes isn’t as dramatic as false lashes, but it’s still a dramatic look with less time spent agonizing over making the little spiders stick to your eyelid. My favorite part is that it’s so lightweight. Wearing false lashes late into the night, or all day at a shoot makes my eyes feel heavy and tired. Better Than False Lashes feels like regular mascara but with way more oomph. If you love dramatic lashes but have trouble with false lashes, or if you have short lashes and want major length, this is for you.
Better Than False Lashes will be exclusive to Sephora through July, then available at Ulta and through the Too Faced website. I’m totally smitten with it, and can’t wait to hear your thoughts if you try it too!

* Disclosure: Too Faced did send me this product to review, but the opinions are 100% mine. 

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  1. Wow! It looks great! I wonder how much it will be?

  2. Sorry Tiffany, I updated the intro paragraph, where I meant to say it will be $35, but that will last 4 months if you use it daily. Which really, if you’re used to shelling out for nice false lashes, is definitely a deal!

  3. Not a bad price at all! I think I will get some when it comes out. Last year at Greaserama I got a bunch of water accidently dumped on my head and it was a disaster trying to fix my false lashes. In some situations I think false lashes are more of a hindrance and I would much rather use a product like this!

  4. Oh no, that sucks! That Saturday at Greaserama last year was such a mess with the rain! I ruined a pair of shoes. Yeah I still wear little half strips of lashes sometimes, but it’s always such a pain in the butt, and I almost always ruin them so I can’t re-use them!

  5. I have to get my hands on this mascara. I really enjoy your product reviews and have tried a couple of products you have recommended.

  6. YAY Sarah! I knew you were a fellow mascara addict!

  7. I love mascara! It’s one of those things that just putting it on makes me feel more put together.

  8. Have you ever tried the L’oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes mascara? It looks to be the same principal, but considerably cheaper. I’d be curious to see how you think the two of them stack up.

  9. Hi! I have, actually, and I have also tried blinc fiberwig. I don’t think either of those are nearly as good as this is, based on the volume achieved, the mess-factor, or the time it takes to try and achieve the look you want. It seems like a lot of money, and it’s not actually the mascara I use daily (I use Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume) but for a non-photo shoot situation where I want dramatic lashes this is my go-to, no question.

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