Vintage Lady on the street, Computer Geek in the board room

Vintage Lady on the street, Computer Geek in the board room
I travel for work 5-6 times a year, and then I travel for fun on top of that. Plus I carry my laptop for around for meetings, coffee shop hangouts to watch cat videos with friends and whatever. So I need a way to haul my stuff around.
I really hate looking like a tech nerd though. Yeah, I worship at the altar of Apple, and yeah I spend all day making things look pretty in InDesign but black nylon computer bags make me cringe.
But I need a bag that protects my stuff and travels well. Thus, I went looking for computer bags, I decided to put together a list of the ones I came across that didn’t send me over the edge, i.e. crying in my-walk in closet and rocking one of my vintage bags in my arms like a wee babe.
I like bags that 1) don’t look like a computer bag in that space-age, ballistic nylon kind of way, and 2) ideally have the option of a cross body strap. My 15″ inch Macbook Pro gets heavy fast if I am trekking through an airport, hotel, or convention center, I don’t want to worry about it falling off my shoulder, or strain my neck trying to keep it on my shoulder.
Here’s what I found:


Graceship Chicago bag | $149


Pocket full of ‘Puter bag | $198

Irvington Vintage Leather Laptop Crossbody Tote | $179.95

I love that the laptop is vertical in this bag. It really makes it more like a real tote, and you’re less likely to run into things with the bag!


Bird print laptop sleeve | $74.99


RL Newbury Slim Computer Case | $119.99


Vera Bradley Luggage Companion Attache | $106.99

Wish it had a cross body strap, and I am shocked that I like something Vera Bradley but it’s so cute!

il_570xN.367669132_4a8i (1)

Coffee cup print laptop case | $56.00


Zero Halliburton Classic Flap Messenger | $149.00

This is a more traditional case, but the quilting makes it more fun.


Lodis Audrey Brera Brief | $318.00

Yeah, did you do a double take at the price too? But it’s all leather, so I guess I can understand, and I am sure it would last forever.

Funchino 2.0 Vintage clamshell laptop bag | $99.00

Horse & lace on floral linen laptop bag | $55.00



Knomo Aurora Expandable Laptop Sleeve | $149.95

This is what I am probably going to end up getting. I like the quilting, leather trim and silver accents, and it’s expandable, so I can stick my magazines in there too to read on a flight and maybe not need to carry a purse, too.

What do you use to carry your laptop around?

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  1. I love the distressed leather look and color on that first blue bag!

  2. Agreed Mallory! I think it would wear well, because I know my things get beat up at the airport. This though, would probably just look better as it ages.

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