Where the heck have you been?

Where the heck have you been?
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The Reiger Kansas City



Well…looks like I have some explaining to do (this is where Ricky Ricadro shakes his fist at me). I know it looks like I’ve been spending my nights eating all the best food in Kansas City (that part is true) and shopping for lingerie (not so much, unfortunately) but really I’ve been busy with W. 18th St. Fashion Show, trying to do some freelance, and boring life stuff. Weeeeeee!
Anyway, that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about the blog. I not only have things I need to tell you about, but I have vintage to put on Etsy, as well as other goodies! Which will be happening very soon. Promise. I’m always posting random stuff on Facebook though, so you can find me there, too.


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  1. Glad to see you’re back! Truthfully, I’ve been not the greatest at keeping up on your blog due to the craziness of life. Is there a chance we will see some new pinup pics? All the best.

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